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A 2024 update about Walk to WordCamp Europe

Published by Marcel Bootsman on Feb 9, 2024

It has been a long time since an update was posted on this site. So read this and catch up with the latest developments. First off, no, I am not planning to walk to Torino for this years WordCamp Europe.


My Walk to WordCamp Europe was a 730km walk to Berlin, where WordCamp Europe 2019 was held. I raised more than €8000 and walked for a month. The money was donated to DonateWC, a charity that helped people go to WordCamps to speak, volunteer of organize. One third of the money I donated was used to help people go to WordCamps.

DonateWC.org has stopped

After a long period of trying to get in contact with the owner of DonateWC.org (you can read the whole story on my personal site: Open letter to DonateWC), I finally got the remaining funds back. DonateWC has helped three people go to WordCamps and has now stopped all activities. I have asked the owner to disable the donation form and publish a message on the site that the foundation is going to be halted, and that request has been granted and executed, looking at the current state of the website.

DonateWC DonateWC is no longer active  Due to unavailability of the volunteer team, DonateWC is no longer active.  If you have an interest in adopting the foundation, please reach out.

A next goal for the funds

I have received €5673,52 from DonateWC, the rest of my donations has been used to sponsor people that went to WordCamps. I checked the bank statements. The remaining funds need to find a new goal, and I made a decision.

The funds will be transferred to the PHP_CodeSniffer project, of which the WordPress Coding Standards for PHP_CodeSniffer is a sub project. This project is used by 29.7k dependents according to GitHub and is of great value for a lot of individuals and companies that develop solutions based on WordPress technology.

I want to wish all contributors and leads all the best. You all do an awesome job!

*Photo by Markus Winkler

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